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New Films coming out....

2008-10-16 17:58:34 by Superguitar

There are a couple of movies that are in/coming out in the movie theater that I am super psyched about.

The first one is Quarantine. It looks really cool because it is shot in a similar way as Cloverfield was. I like that....a lot. Here is the trailer for it.

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The second and best movie is of course Max Payne. I cant think of a reason to NOT be excited about this one. I mean, its frikkin MAX PAYNE. The best game in the world is now a movie. Im seeing this Friday when it comes out. Heres the trailer.

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Well, just wanted to tell you about em'.


2008-10-05 10:54:03 by Superguitar

Lot of stuff has been going on lately. Clay Aiken is gay (old news), the presidential election (i dont pay attention), and I made a pivot video and put it on youtube (FTW!!!!)

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Yeah, it's pretty short, but i didnt spend too much time on it. Im currently making a lot longer and funnier one.

Favorites #1

2008-10-01 18:08:59 by Superguitar

I guess this is just a list of my favorite things at the moment.

Favorite Movie: School of Rock

Favorite program: Pivot

Favorite Youtube video:

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Favorite NG Flash: MGS: Flash Collab DISC 02
I dont think it's possible for Egoraptor to not be a comedic genius lol

Well, thats about it for now...

Oh yeah, favorite picture:

Favorites #1


2008-07-30 00:03:25 by Superguitar

Well, I got banned from the BBS for a couple days for posting in a spam thread. I didn't know that you could get in trouble for posting in one, I thought it was just if you made one. All Well, I'll be fine.....


2008-07-12 06:17:36 by Superguitar

It's so freakin hot. I seriously wish it was summer durining the winter, but when it gets here, Jesus (Jesus appears and says "Sorry, Bro"). But ya, it's pretty brutal. in the 100's as of latest. DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

But on a less random note, I created a new song. This was the first submission I have ever put on Newgrounds.....ever. It's not much, but it's like a little background music type of thing really. It has one of those ALIEN feels to it. Or like a dramatic space themed telivision show.Made it in about 15 minutes lol, but I was rushed.

Been getting on the BBS a lot more lately. Dunno why, I guess Im just desperate for socialization :3

To end it all.............I leave you...CRAZY GUY FROM A LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN!!!!!!



2008-01-03 13:44:40 by Superguitar

Hey, its me again. I wish that I could get the program to make flashes but it is hella expensive and I dont like downloading trials. All well, i'll be a millionare someday, I guess.


2007-09-22 12:36:47 by Superguitar

Haven't blogged in a while. Well, I just saw the new Halloween movie by Rob Zombie. It was pretty schweet.


2007-07-27 23:17:11 by Superguitar

I just got done watching Transformers. That movie is DEFINITELY the movie of the year in my book. Optimus looked so frikkin awesome. Definitely what I was waiting for.


2007-07-24 03:27:08 by Superguitar

Well, this is my first blog post, this will go down in history!!! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. If you've been in some of the forums you've seen my new sig pic. I made it in MS Paint using a gothic font and a picture of A7X's Bat character. It came put pretty cool, huh?

I just got done watching pretty much EVERY episode of Neouroticaly Yours. Foamy just cracks me the hell up. His rants are so true and hilarious.

I'm working on some art for contests in the forums. I'm working on a zombie. But, I'm limited in quality due to the fact that I do not have flash, I only have MS Paint. But, I AM a Wiz with that, so, ya....

Man, I so wish I could go to Comic-Con, Newgrounds being there is a great addition to the already great convention. I'd love to meet Tom Fulp. I don't mean that in a gay way, I just mean that I admire him for creating a website such as this. so, don't get any ideas,